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    1. 25-35HP Wheeled TractorThe 25-35HP wheeled tractor uses dual clutch, double speed PTO shaft, and two hydraulic outlets. So, application in conjunction with more implements is realized.
      Designed with suspended clutch, brake control system, main and auxiliary side mounted gear shift level, the four wheel tractor is well received by virtue of comfortable driving and convenient operation.
    1. 30-40HP Wheeled TractorThere is a sliding sleeve matched for the transmission and power output shaft of the farm tractor. Besides the gear shift, the shuttle shift and creeper gear are optional.
      The wet double disc brake device makes for outstanding brake performance and high safety of the agrimotor.
We at YTO are a specialized 3 cylinder tractor manufacturer and supplier. Having been in business since 1955, we have accumulated over 50 years of experience in the production of tractors. Hence, we understand customers' requirements and know how to satisfy them. As our 3 cylinder tractor is streamlined, it is aesthetic. In addition, OECD anti-turnover bar is also utilized for high safety.
Need more detailed information? Please contact us right now! Products like combine harvester, bulldozer, water truck and diesel engine are also available.
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